Lately I've found myself spending more time on this site and trying to figure out what I want to do with it. Should it be a place to host a blurb, my thoughts, a blog, or just a place for my resume to live?

While not debating on what to do with this site I've been learning Godot and spending more time outside.


I don't have a ton of experience making games. But what I lack in making them I make up for in playing them and that's basically the same thing -- right?

The Spin to Begin logo

Spin to Begin: Upgrade & Survive

This was my first attempt at a functional game and not only that it had to be done in three days or less. Spin to Begin was submitted as an entry to the Mini Jam 157: Electric game jam. I didn't tackle this alone, though. I joined a team consisting of myself and the brotherly duo Indigo Singularity and Anonymous Food.

It was an awesome learning experience and extremely fun to be a part of a team making the game. I am already looking for more game jams to enter into!
If you are wondering which weapon is the best: It's the shotgun which was designed by yours truly.

Spin to Begin is a unique (or at least we think so) take on rogue-lites where time is your health. As time ticks away, the music gets faster and the enemies get tougher.
Picking up batteries replinishes lost time and allows you to choose from one of seven weapons and five different upgrade options.

Checkout Spin to Begin on or our Mini Jam 157 Entry.

A gross collection of sprites

Unnamed Blacksmithing Game

I've always been enamoured with the art of blacksmithing. In every game I play it's the first profession I take and max first. While I don't quite have the offline chops of a real smith I figured I'd turn the love into something a bit more accessible.

Currently, there isn't much of a game to show off. But, the grand plan is a collection of fun mini-games centered around the management of your very own blacksmith shop. I do have one or two mini-games complete (proofs of concept really) at the moment with more to come!

You can checkout the progress on my Github.